The Build-Up


My first official class is tonight.  I’m nervous.  There are people signed up who I do not yet know, and the others who are coming have various levels of fitness. As a brand-spanking new teacher, I hope that I am able to give my students an experience that they will enjoy coming back to again next week.

Since my accreditation weekend, my father has been my biggest supporter.  At 65, he’s in pretty decent shape and makes a point to get to the gym at least twice a week.  He has been through several practice classes with me, and each time he gives me more feedback from his student perspective.  I’ve been taking Pilates classes for so many years now, that I have a hard time remembering the feeling of being a beginner.  It has been really fun to see his progression in his understanding of the exercises and he is starting to notice when I deviate from the manual.

One of the big themes I took away from my accreditation was that the Pilates practice is layered.  There are beginner exercises, specific breath patterns for certain movements, and cueing that needs to take place.  Increasing the distance from your center makes exercises more challenging, just like stepping out of your comfort zone to try something new.  It is important to be patient with yourself, and be okay with the modifications if that’s where you are that day, because other days you will be ready to challenge yourself to get to the next level.

Now, I just need to shift my perspective to the teacher side and tell myself the same thing.  I will have my “script” with me as a safety blanket because there is a certain order, and breath patterns to certain exercises, but I trust that over time, the more comfortable I get teaching, the less I will feel the need for it and the more I will feel as a teacher in the moment focused on the bodies moving in front of me without having to rely on the notes.

Honestly, even just writing out this post this morning has made me feel more relaxed and confident going into my first class tonight.  I know that I have friends there to support me in this journey, as well as friends I have yet to meet who are interested in taking this journey with me too.

Thank you for betting on me, as well as yourself, Star.  You are worth the work we are going to put in, I promise!

With gratitude,


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