New Beginnings and My Story

you've got to bet on yourself now star

Since I was young, I have always been active.  All through school and into college I played field hockey, softball, skied/snowboarded, and made time for the gym off and on.  When I had my son at 26, I knew that my body would change, but what I didn’t anticipate was the pressure I would put on myself regarding my post-baby body.  All my life I have been petite, and to not be that (or feel that way) was really hard on me.  I know…skinny girl problems, right?

After talking with a co-worker, she convinced me to try her Pilates class.  That first group of classes jump-started me back into a regular fitness routine.  Around that same time, my husband and I started our own business, PortSports Social Club.

PortSports began in spring 2008 with Soccer and Kickball, eventually expanding to offer: Wiffleball, Gym Class, Bowling, Volleyball, Wallyball, Ultimate, Mushball, as well as various social events.  Through offering (and personally running) all those leagues, I realized just how important physical activity and socialization really is for everyone’s wellbeing.

PortSports’ mission is “meet, play, give®” which at its core, is all about meeting new people, playing fun games, and giving back to the community.  All our leagues are about the joy of playing and being respectful without crossing the line of competitive douchebaggery, which honestly, is a fine line when adults are playing sports.

Over time, as the business, my family and I all matured, we realized that doing too much was watering down our mission and the quality of what we were offering.  Not to mention that as our son got older, he wanted to be spending more and more time with us instead of babysitters.

We have since scaled back our business to focus on Volleyball and Ultimate, which has provided an opportunity for me (and my husband) to explore our other interests.  He is now focused on his musical theater production company, Cast Aside Productions, as well as their associated educational arm, Musical Theater Studio.  I am still running the business of PortSports as well as our volleyball leagues, and I thankfully have awesome help with our Ultimate leagues.

These past few years have taught me a lot about myself, my relationship with my family, and have brought forth an understanding of my needs for my own wellbeing.  With leading and playing in two volleyball leagues per week, plus Pilates, yoga and barre classes on my lunch breaks, my personal fitness practice has made me a much happier and balanced woman.  While my schedule is still just as taxing, perhaps even more so, it doesn’t feel as overwhelming because it is filled with things I enjoy, and that make me (and hopefully others too) feel like a better person.

My body is now in the best shape it has ever been.  While I probably can’t keep up with our Ultimate players running-wise, my core is at its strongest, and my back doesn’t hurt from playing volleyball, or sitting at a desk all day anymore.

I have recognized all the positive changes in myself through my personal practice of Pilates and yoga, and I am really excited to help and teach others to see the same positivity in themselves as well.

After a few false starts, I am thrilled to begin my classical Pilates Beginner Mat teacher training the first weekend in February, followed by Intermediate Mat in March and finishing up with Advanced Mat in April, 2016.  I will be teaching in the Portland, Maine area and learning about the world of online fitness programming too.

Music is another passion of mine, and 311 is my favorite band.  I am forever inspired by their lyrics; their whole message has always been about unity, positivity and respect.  I chose the name Blue Star Pilates because we are all Stars in our own right, we are made up of the same particles, and as 311 so eloquently sang:

“You’ve got to trust your instinct
And let go of regret
You’ve got to bet on yourself now star
‘Cause that’s your best bet”

~311, All Mixed Up

Let’s all bet on ourselves to be the best that we can.  Thank you for joining me on this journey and I look forward to hearing your story too.

Until next time Stars,